Arena Trap
Flavor text
Prevents the foe from fleeing.

Arena Trap is an ability. Two Pokémon can have this ability.


In battle[]

Arena Trap prevents all foes from fleeing (including via Teleport) or switching out as long as the bearer remains in battle.

Pokémon rendered immune to Ground-type attacks are immune to Arena Trap. This includes Flying-type Pokémon, Pokémon with Levitate, Pokémon holding an Air Balloon, and Pokémon affected by Magnet Rise or Telekinesis. Likewise, if a Pokémon normally immune to Ground-type attacks is made vulnerable, they will be affected; if the Pokémon is under the effect of Gravity, Smack Down, a move that negates or replaces Levitate (such as Gastro Acid or Simple Beam), type-changing effects that remove Flying-type (such as Soak, Conversion, Camouflage or Color Change), or a held Iron Ball, it will be unable to escape.

Using Baton Pass, U-turn or Volt Switch will still cause the Pokémon to switch out. Holding a Shed Shell allows the Pokémon to switch out, but not flee or Teleport. Having the ability Run Away or holding a Smoke Ball allows the Pokémon to flee or Teleport, but not switch.

If a wild Pokémon has Arena Trap and the player's Pokémon faints, the player is able to flee instead of sending out another Pokémon.

Arena Trap does not affect the bearer's ally.

Outside of battle[]

If a Pokémon with Arena Trap is leading the party, then the wild Pokémon encounter rate is doubled.

Pokémon with Arena Trap[]

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Minarac Minarac Bug Ground Arena Trap None None
Trenchula Trenchula Bug Ground Arena Trap None None