This page lists all the new abilities that have been proposed/created specifically for Pokémon Sage. Many of these are signature abilities.

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General Abilities (Final)[]

Name Effect Pokémon Implemented?
Adrenaline Adrenaline raises the Speed stat by 50% when activated. Activates if the user has less than or equal to 50% of its maximum HP remaining. PountherJaguileBaboom Yes (Tested)
Allure In battle: When the bearer enters battle, lowers the evasiveness stat of all opposing Pokémon of the opposite gender to the bearer by 1 stage. Has no effect on Pokémon who are immune to Evasion stat reductions,nor will it affect a target with a substitute.

Out of battle: While the bearer is at the front of the party, wild Pokémon will be the opposite gender to the bearer 2/3 of the time, regardless of gender ratios. Doesn't apply to genderless and single gender species.

GrowmeoMontegrewTuliepCapulillyLintleSilkinderParamoth No
Brave Heart Raises the Pokémon's Attack each time it's foe raises one of its stats. FawningLlamarshBuckstonChayan Yes (Tested)
Conditioning Each time a move is used against the bearer in succession, the damage will be decreased by 25%. ChimpocaSimayanMonkezumaGillaHornizardAnkillosore No
Content The bearer recovers 1/16th of its maximum HP at the end of each turn in which it did not use a Physical or Special move. TaomarinOrangutaoChillothSoakoth Yes (Tested)
Conundrum When a Pokémon with Conundrum is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the attacking foe will become confused. MagowlKairoglyph Yes (Tested)
Discretion The bearer will not lose any PP by using a move that misses. PlatypowPlatikhaoCrawglock No
Eccentric In battle: Eccentric increases the user's Special Attack stat by 50%, but lowers the accuracy of the user's Special moves by 20%

Out of battle: If a Pokémon with Eccentric is leading the party, the chance of encountering a higher-leveled mon increase by 50%.

MagowlAtomiteOrbatom Yes (Tested)
Feedback When the bearer is hit by a Non-Contact Physical or Special move, the attacker loses 1/8th of its own maximum HP after all turn-based damage is dealt. The damage will repeat for multi-strike moves such as Fury Swipes and Gear Grind. If Feedback causes both the user and the attacker to faint, then the attacker will faint first. VectolVectolNecroniteGravollum Yes (untested)
Full Force The bearer's moves with variable base power will always use the highest possible base power. PlatypowPlatikhaoBurrowlMagnitogre No
Ice Slick During a Hail, the Speed stat of Pokémon with Ice Slick is doubled. A Pokémon with this Ability will take no damage from the hail if it otherwise would. The move Ice Rink also activates this ability. CubzeroAvalynxBluffinBurrmudail Yes (Tested)
Iron Jaw Increases the power of the bearer's biting moves (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Hyper Fang, Bite, Crunch, Poison Fang, Bug Bite) by 50%. BarracuteJawgodonWendingoCarnibal No
Malice The damage taken by an opponent from secondary damage (e.g. Life Orb, Spikes, weather, other end-of-round damage) is increased by 50%. Does not stack with ally's Malice. SkullarvaMaskoonMortasqueToxitoSanguito No
Perforate The bearer's moves which are the same type as the bearer are not affected by the foe's type immunities (the move becomes 1x effective against the immune types). ColtergeistFantasmareSquidrift No
Permafrost Raises the bearer's Defense by 50% in hail. The bearer is immune to damage from hail weather. PengliffPenglacierSnomeSnogre Yes (Tested)
Psych Out In Battle: When a Pokémon with Psych Out enters the battle, it lowers the Special Attack stat of all adjacent opponents by one stage.

Out of Battle: If a Pokémon with Psych Out is leading the party, there is a 50% chance that a Pokémon that would be encountered will not appear if its level would be 5 levels or more below the leading Pokémon's.

MacabraDreamdery Yes (Tested)
Scavenger When the bearer knocks out a foe, the bearer recovers 25% of their maximum HP. BarracuteJawgodonDesoulaNecrowVultergyst Yes (Tested)
Stubborn Raises the bearer's Defense by 50% when the bearer is at or below 50% of its maximum HP. LuchitoEluchadon Yes (Tested)
Sunbathe During intense sunlight, the bearer will regain 1/16th of its maximum HP at the end of each turn. AlpintForuskDrosireSunduke Yes (Tested)
Team Player In double battles, stat stage increases for the bearer and its partner will increase those stat stages by an extra 1 stage. This effect stacks with itself. ErycoonViipii No

Signature Abilities (Final)[]

Name Effect Pokémon Implemented?
Eventide Increases the bearer's Special Attack by 50% during the night. Increases the bearer's Defense by 50% during the day. Shibalbat No
Feisty Increases the bearer's Attack by 50% when facing a higher level opponent. Doppole No
Forage After winning a battle, any Pokémon on the team with Forage that is not already holding an item has a 10% chance of creating a held berry item for itself, even if the Pokémon was not used in battle. This ability is still active while the Pokémon is fainted. Musburry No
Mooch The bearer can consume any berries held by its ally and foes. Prioritizes use of foe's held berry over bearer's, and bearer's over ally's. Berratel No
Orbital Tide Applies Gravity while the bearer is in battle. CheloniteGalaxagos No
Overshadow While the bearer is in battle, lowers the Attack and Special Attack of all opponents that are shorter than the bearer by 50% each. GrolemComossus No
Pollution Summons an acid rain storm that damages all Pokémon (except Poison and Steel-types) by 1/16 of their total HP at the end of each turn. The bearer is immune to damage from acid rain weather. Fumighast No
Quickdraw The priority of all moves of all Pokémon becomes 0. Detect, Endure, Protect, Quick Guard, and Wide Guard are unaffected. Somberado Yes (tested)
Siphon Contact moves that do not already absorb HP have a 30% chance to absorb half the damage dealt, and can be boosted by a Big Root. ToxitoSanguito No
Spectrum Changes the bearer's primary type depending on the foe's color. Royjibiv No
Reactive Shielding When bearer is hit by a move, raises its corresponding defensive stat, and lowers the other. EronzeErionErace No

Legend abilities[]

Will be surveyed once plot is more solidified.

Pokémon Proposed Signature Ability
  • Resilience - Halves super-effective damage.
  • Resilience2 - Halves all non-super effective damage.
  • Vitality - Attacks from the bearer have a chance to heal all status effects on your active Pokémon.
  • Terraform - Changes the battle platform to Forests, and sharply raises the Special Attack of the bearer and its ally.
  • Earth Aura - Boosts power of team's Grass-type attacks.
  • Desolate - Changes the battle platform to Desert, and sharply raises the Speed of the bearer and its ally.
  • Gale Aura - Boosts power of team's Flying-type attacks.
  • Floodgate - Changes the battle platform to Water, and sharply raises the Special Defense of the bearer and its ally.
  • Aquatic Aura - Boosts power of team's Water-type attacks.
  • Dimensional Shift - Changes the battle platform to Space, and deals damage to all other Pokémon at the end of each turn.
  • Infinite Span - Quetzar doesn't get a partner in double battles, but attacks twice instead.
  • Insurmountable - All super-effective types against Quetzar are normalized to 1x, all resistances are overlooked and returned to 1x. (Perforate for offense and defense.)
  • Endless Energy - Cooldown and charging periods are negated for all of the bearer's attacks (like White Herb as an ability).
  • Potency - Causes eggs to hatch significantly quicker.
  • Potency2 - Increases the EVs your team gets when the bearer takes part in battle. (Maybe even if it doesn't.)
  • Potency3 - When switched out, even if by fainting, the Pokémon that replaces the bearer regains 1/3 of their (the receiver's? Xochi's?) maximum HP; i.e., Regenerator but for allies, kind of like a weaker Wish.
  • Wealth of Heart - When the bearer levels up, the other Pokémon in your party have their happiness increased and gain 100 Exp multiplied by its new level.
  • Wealth of Heart2 - When the bearer levels up, all Pokémon in your party are fully healed and other Pokémon have their HP increased by 10 (separate from EVs).
  • Prosperity - Doubles the money received after battle if this Pokémon takes part in the battle. (Maybe even if it doesn't.)
  • Midas Touch - There is a 30/40/50% chance to cause paralysis to the foe upon contact.
  • Heart of Wealth - When the bearer levels up, you get $100 multiplied by its new level.

Former Abilities[]

The abilities below have been rejected, and have been removed from the affected Pokémon, and 1 new ability will be created (because we are allowed to have 1 more now that these abilities have been rejected). This new ability may be a previously rejected ability.

Name Effect Pokémon
Expert Doubles the effect of Same Type Attack Bonus. ScubugMacuarriorOcerumi
Novice Negates the effect of Same Type Attack Bonus. BouweeChayan