Echoed Voice
Type  Normal
Category  Special
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  40
Accuracy  100%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
  • Does not make contact
  • Affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat or Magic Bounce
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Affected by Mirror Move
  • Affected by King's Rock
  • Is a sound-based move
Foe Foe
Self Ally
May affect anyone but the user
  • TM49

Echoed Voice is a damage-dealing Normal-type move. It is TM49.


Echoed Voice deals damage. Its base power increases by 40 each consecutive turn it is used, but reaches a maximum power at 200. However, the power will not increase during a round and will only increase once per round (regardless of how many Pokémon used it). The base power of Echoed Voice does not reset upon reaching its maximum. When failing, the base power will still increase as long as the move is executed, such as when it misses or is prevented by Protect.


The user attacks the target with an echoing voice. If this move is used every turn, it does greater damage.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
033 033MS Taomarin Normal Normal 26
034 034MS Orangutao Normal Normal 26
065 065MS Maskoon Bug Bug 16
066 066MS Mortasque Bug Flying 16
070 070MS Scubug Bug Water 33
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.


# Pokémon Type TM49
010 010MS Harpee Normal Flying
011 011MS Aquilor Normal Flying
012 012MS Warquila Normal Flying
013 013MS Capig Normal Unknown
014 014MS Capabara Normal Unknown
015 015MS Cubzero Ice Unknown
016 016MS Avalynx Ice Unknown
017 017MS Fawning Normal Unknown
018 018MS Llamarsh Normal Unknown
019 019MS Buckston Normal Unknown
020 020MS Pengliff Ice Unknown
021 021MS Penglacier Ice Rock
022 022MS Bluffin Ice Unknown
023 023MS Burrmudail Ice Flying
030 030MS Cowatti Electric Unknown
033 033MS Taomarin Normal Unknown
034 034MS Orangutao Normal Unknown
039 039MS Musburry Normal Grass
040 040MS Musbushel Normal Grass
046 046MS Dreamdery Psychic Unknown
055 055MS Pounther Normal Unknown
056 056MS Jaguile Normal Unknown
063 063MS Hurricanine Water Electric
066 066MS Mortasque Bug Flying
070 070MS Scubug Bug Water
074 074MS Alpint Grass Unknown
075 075MS Forusk Grass Unknown
081 081MS Nobunata Normal Unknown
084 084MS Flowger Grass Water
085 085MS Bullotus Grass Water
086 086MS Burrowl Ground Unknown
087 087MS Magowl Psychic Unknown
091 091MS Chlorofin Water Grass
092 092MS Quibble Normal Flying
093 093MS Fowattle Ground Flying
094 094MS Turkistador Ground Flying
097 097MS Cardinite Fire Flying
098 098MS Chardinal Fire Flying
108 108MS Boarealis Dark Psychic
120 120MS Charmbra Ground Poison
137 137MS Solacari Normal Flying
143 143MS Chihaha Dark Normal
144 144MS Howlequin Dark Normal
145 145MS Chegrin Dark Psychic
146 146MS Cheshade Dark Psychic
153 153MS Erycoon Normal Unknown
154 154MS Leukoon Ghost Normal
160 160MS Viipii Normal Unknown
193 193MS Lavoon Water Fire
200 200MS Baboom Electric Dark
217 217MS Crakling Fire Unknown
218 218MS Fuelong Fire Dragon
227 227MS Quetzar
Statue Forme
Dragon Rock
227 227SMS Quetzar
Space Forme
Dragon Psychic
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.