Lintle egg chibi v1

Traditionally, all Pokémon eggs have looked the same (except for Manaphy's egg). It is possible, albeit undecided yet, that Pokémon Sage will have different appearances for each Pokémon egg. This page displays them all.

Feel free to create egg graphics yourself and add them to this page. We need both egg sprites (seen in the summary screens) and egg icons (seen in the party screen/PC storage).

Egg graphics

Pokémon Egg sprite Egg icon Egg icon sprite
N/A ( Template) Egg00 EGGICON000 EIS000
001MS Foliat EGG001 EGGICON001 EIS001
004MS Kidling EGG004 EGGICON002 EIS002
007MS Aguade EGG007 EGGICON003 EIS003
010MS Harpee EGG010 EGGICONharpee EISharpee
013MS Capig EGG013 EGGICON004 EIS005
015MS Cubzero EGG015 EGGICON006 EIS006
017MS Fawning EGG017 EGGICON007 EIS007
020MS Pengliff EGG020 EGGICONpengliff EISpengliff
022MS Bluffin EGG022 EGGICONbluffin EISbluffin
024MS Koblin EGG024 EGGICON010 EIS010
027MS Pebblosa ROCKEGGALT EGGICONpebbl EISpebbl
030MS Cowatti EGG030 EGGICON012 EIS012
031MS Snome EGG031 EGGICON013 EIS013
033MS Taomarin EGG033 EGGICON014 EIS014
035MS Larvabidae EGG035 EGGICON015 EIS015
039MS Musburry EGG039 EGGICON016 EIS016
041MS Berratel EGG041b EGGICONberratel EISberratel
042MS Growmeo EGG042 EGGICONgrowmeo EISgrowmeo
044MS Tuliep EGG044 EGGICONtuliep EIStuliep
046MS Dreamdery EGG046 EGGICONdreamdery EISdreamdery
047MS Macabra EGG047b EGGICONmacabra EISmacabra
048MS Kertruffle EGG048 EGGICON022 EIS022
052MS Rocano EGG052 EGGICONrocano EISrocano
055MS Pounther EGG055 EGGICONpounther EISpounther
057MS Neureka EGG057 EGGICONneureka EISneureka
059MS Peppit EGG059 EGGICONpeppit EISpeppit
062MS Pawter EGG062 EGGICONpawter EISpawter
064MS Skullarva EGG064 EGGICONskullarva EISskullarva
067MS Vectol EGG067 EGGICONvectol EISvectol
069MS Bouwee EGG069 EGGICONbouwee EISbouwee
071MS Totter EGG071 EGGICONtotter EIStotter
074MS Alpint EGG074b

Alpint egg 2

EGGICONalpintEGGICONalpint2 Alpint egg iconsAlpint egg icons 2
076MS Platypow EGG076 EGGICONplaty Platy egg icons
078MS Cuppy EGG078 EGGICONcuppy Cuppy egg icons
080MS Shibalbat EGG080 EGGICONShibalbat Shibalbat egg icons
081MS Nobunata EGG081 EGGICONnobunata Nobunata egg icons
082MS Psybex EGG082 EGGICONpsybex Psybex egg icons
084MS Flowger EGG084 FLOWGERALTEGG EGGICONflowgerEGGICONflowger2 Flowger egg iconsFlowger egg icons 2
086MS Burrowl EGG086
087MS Magowl EGG087
088MS Craliber EGG088
090MS Leafish EGG090
092MS Quibble EGG092
095MS Sedirrot EGG095
097MS Cardinite EGG097b
099MS Skurrow EGG099
100MS Somberado EGG100
101MS Phlask EGG101 ICONphlask Shitty phlask egg sprite templates
104MS Atomite EGG104 ICONatomite Atomite egg sprite templates
106MS Squink EGG106b
108MS Boarealis EGG108
109MS Chelonite EGG109
111MS Magnitogre EGG111
112MS Minarac EGG112
114MS Pottle EGG114b
117MS Pueblant EGG117
119MS Cobrasket EGG119
121MS Cairup EGG121
123MS Necronite EGG123
125MS Diloweed Dildoegg
127MS Ignishell EGG127
130MS Desoula EGG130b
133MS Dinkywink EGG133b
135MS Calphite EGG135b
137MS Solacari EGG137
138MS Nurshary EGG138
139MS Loneleaf EGG139
141MS Coltergeist EGG141
143MS Chihaha EGG143
145MS Chegrin EGG145
147MS Doppole EGG147b ICONdoppole Doppole sprite templates
149MS Thoraxe EGG149
150MS Pomparunt EGG150
153MS Erycoon EGG153
154MS Leukoon EGG154
155MS Toxito EGG155
157MS Orett EGG157
160MS Viipii EGG160
161MS Chilloth EGG161
163MS Chayan EGG163
166MS Fortifry EGG166
168MS Smashiary EGG168
169MS Slatic EGG169
172MS Glauqua EGG172b
174MS Lintle EGG174 ICONlintle Lintle egg chibi v1
177MS Parapy EGG177
179MS Chimpoca EGG179b
182MS Enigmite EGG182
184MS Arjibi EGG184
186MS Barracute EGG186
188MS Drosire EGG188
190MS Wispern EGG190
192MS Glocto EGG192
194MS Gilla EGG194
197MS Bazilisk EGG197
200MS Baboom EGG200
201MS Icetope EGG201 ICONicetope Icetope egg sprite templates
203MS Wendingo EGG203
205MS Luchito EGG205
207MS Grolem EGG207
209MS Larvyn EGG209
212MS Carbite EGG212b
215MS Quecko EGG215
217MS Crakling EGG217
219MS Draggar EGG219
221MS Eronze No egg
222MS Erion No egg
223MS Erace No egg
224MS Patama No egg
225MS Machima No egg
226MS Yacuma No egg
227MS Quetzar No egg
228MS Xochi No egg
229MS Xotec No egg


Full egg icon sprites. Some might need to be updated.


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