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Fossil Pokémon are ancient species which are revived from Fossil items.

Fossil Pokémon are always part Rock-type due to the fossilization process, and they always have a gender ratio of 1:7 favoring males. They are generally inspired by ancient creatures but from no specific era.

Note: The method of obtaining and reviving fossils in Pokémon Sage is currently undecided.

Fossil Pokémon[]

Water Rock
Dunkywunkr Dunkywunkr
Water Rock
Rock Ground
Indrolith Indrolith
Rock Ground

Fossil items[]

In Pokémon Sage, two Fossils were introduced. They can be resurrected into these respective Pokémon:

Bag Maw Fossil SpriteDinkywink Bag Horn Fossil SpriteCalphite
Maw Fossil Horn Fossil


  • While most Fossil Pokémon have Rock as their primary type, Dinkywink and Dunkywunkr do not.
    • This trait is shared with Tirtouga and Carracosta of the Black and White games.

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