Fugue Town
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Fugue Town Gym - Urobos Gym #7
specialist Gym
Beetle Badge
Beetle Badge
Urobos League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Required for navigation
HM Normal Cut
HM Water Surf
HM Normal Strength
HM Normal Flash
HM Flying Defog
HM Water Whirlpool
HM Fighting Rock Smash
HM Water Waterfall
HM Water Dive
HM Normal Rock Climb
Bicycle Bicycle
Mach Bike Mach Bike
Acro Bike Acro Bike
Go-Goggles Go-Goggles
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Connecting locations
Jungle Temple
Route 19
Fugue Town
Safari Zone
Route 18
Location of Fugue Town in Urobos
Routes in Urobos

Fugue Town is a town deep in the jungles of Urobos.

Ento, The Gym Leader, specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

Other Details[]


Name origin[]

  • A fugue is a musical composition in which two or more melodies or themes are repeated by voices that enter throughout the piece and continuously interweave while still being independent and contrasting one another, creating an increasingly layered and complex musical structure. This follows the theme of locations in Urobos being named after musical terms, and may relate to how Fugue Town was built into the ruins of an abandoned ancient city that had been taken over by the surrounding jungle. Similarly to a fugue, Fugue Town represents layers of life and civilization, consecutively building upon one another: Fugue Town was originally wild jungle, before it was made the home of ancient Urobians, after which it was again taken over by the forest, until it was finally populated by its current inhabitants.

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