Full Force
Flavor text
Maximizes damage of variable power moves.

Full Force is an ability. It is an original Pokémon Sage ability.


Any move that the bearer uses which has a variable base power will always use the highest possible base power.

Affected moves[]

Move Type Max. power Learned by
Crush Grip  Normal  120
Electro Ball  Electric  150
Eruption  Fire  150
Flail  Normal  200
Fling  Dark  130 Burrowl
Frustration  Normal  102 Burrowl
Grass Knot  Grass  120
Gyro Ball  Steel  150
Heat Crash  Fire  120
Heavy Slam  Steel  120
Hidden Power  Normal  70 Burrowl
Low Kick  Fighting  120
Magnitude  Ground  150 Burrowl
Natural Gift  Normal  80
Present  Normal  120
Punishment  Dark  200
Return  Normal  102 Burrowl
Reversal  Fighting  200
Spit Up  Normal  300
Stored Power  Normal  200
Trump Card  Normal  200
Water Spout  Water  150
Wring Out  Normal  120

Pokémon with Full Force[]

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Burrowl Burrowl Ground Ground Hustle Full Force None