Flavor text
May create another Berry after one is used

Harvest is an Ability. It is the signature Ability of Musbushel.


In battle[]

If the Pokémon has used a Berry, there is a 50% chance of it being restored at the end of each turn, The held Berry is remembered even if it is not restored or if the Pokémon has switched out. Harvest will always activate if the sunlight is intense.

Harvest can recover Berries consumed by Fling and Natural Gift, but not berries transferred to another Pokémon, Berries lost through Knock Off, Berries eaten by Bug Bite or Pluck, or Berries burned by Incinerate.

If another Pokémon has Pickup and uses it on the Berry, Harvest cannot restore it. If multiple Pokémon have Pickup or Harvest, the fastest Pokémon will restore the item first.

A single Pokémon's harvest cannot activate more than once per turn. If the held Berry is consumed immediately after it is restored, Harvest will not be able to restore it until the end of the next turn.

Harvest can recover Berries consumed that were originally another Pokémon's, but transferred to the Pokémon with Harvest. However, a Pokémon may have only one consumed item (including non-Berries) at a time; if a Pokémon consumes a Berry then uses another consumable item, the first Berry may not be recovered, even if the second item is restored and swapped away. If the item is non-consumable, the Pokémon can still recover the Berry with Harvest once the new item is swapped out, as long as it consumed no items since consuming the old Berry

Pokémon with Harvest[]

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Musbushel Musbushel Normal Grass Harvest None None