This page lists all custom items that have been surveyed and did not pass.

Rejected Items[]

Icon Name Effect Proposed Possible location
Stat pendants Power Pendants Boosts stats depending on which shards are used. Jeweler in Staccato Town, made from shards
Bag Joker Sprite Joker/Loaded Dice Doubles the chance of a move having its additional effect / Raises critical hit chance by 1 stage / Raises critical hit chance by 2 stages when held by Chihaha or Howlequin Used by Gamblers
Bat knife Bat Knife Hold item of some sort for Hyekuza. --
Legend ScaleDragonslayer ShieldDragonslayer Shield-Aztec Legend Scale/Legend's Shield Grants resistance to Dragon type moves. --
Squeezetoy Squeeze Toy Whenever the holder takes damage, 2 is prevented. --
Forbidden Glyph Forbidden Glyph Boosts all stats by 2. Dropped if the user faints (and possibly if unequipped) --
Bag Wool Cap Sprite Wool Cap Resistance to freezing (some % maybe), as well as small rise in Special Defense. Given at the same time as the sweater
Bag Lush Shroom Sprite Lush Shroom Raises the Defense of Kertruffle and Mosshroom. Held by wild Mosshroom (5% chance)
Bag Bright Shroom Sprite Bright Shroom Raises the Defense of Kertruffle and Lumishroom. Held by wild Lumishroom (5% chance)
Bag Doom Shroom Sprite Doom Shroom Raises the Defense of Kertruffle and Perishroom. Held by wild Perishroom (5% chance)
Bag Catalyst Sprite Catalyst Holder's Special Attacks are more powerful, but cause recoil. --
Bag Anchor Sprite Anchor Increases the holder's weight, and prevents them from being forced out of battle. S.S. Dolore
Bag Quickthickle Sprite Quickthickle Decreases the Pokémon's weight, and ensures getaways from wild Pokémon. Dragon Boneyard
Bag Strange Box Sprite Strange Box Prevents the effects of other hold items. --
Bag Friendly Box Sprite Friendly Box Copies the effect of the ally's held item in double battles. --
Bag Mimic Box Sprite Mimic Box Copies the effect of the opponent's held item. --
Bag Mysterious Pouch Sprite Mysterious Pouch Contains a random common item. Cannot be affected by enemies. Held by wild pokemon. (Obtained when you beat them?)
Bag Thick Log Sprite Thick Log Raises the Attack of Forusk. Held by wild Forusk (1% chance)
Ignissgsgsd Exp. Plug / Exp. Port Transfers away all Exp that the Plug holder would gain from battle to the Port holder. --
Bag Puncher's Belt Sprite Puncher's Belt The holder's punching moves have a chance to cause flinching. --
Bag Kicker's Wraps Sprite Kicker's Wraps The holder's kicking moves have a chance to cause flinching. --
Indexasa Slapper's Belt The holder's slapping moves have a chance to cause flinching. --
Bag Calming Balm Sprite Calming Balm Focuses Pokémon and allows it to enter battle with increased accuracy. --
Capture6wd Slick Balm Focuses Pokémon and allows it to enter battle with increased evasion. --
Voodoo Damaged Doll 2% chance to reflect an attack back at the opponent. --
Bag Snowball Sprite Snowball Raises Attack if hit by an Ice move. Can also be thrown. Sold/given by a kid in Quaver Town
Soggy Snowball Soggy Snowball Gag item. Can throw at enemy pokemon for a 5-10% chance to freeze them solid. Sold/given by a kid in Quaver Town
Glyphs Glyphs Same effect as Plates. --
Accelerator Accelerator Ignores priority moves used by Pokémon with a lower speed stat (except Protect/Detect). Observatory, maybe held by traded Atomite
Dreamcatcheritem Dreamcatcher Holder gains the effects of Early Bird. --
Straight Jacket Straight Jacket Boosts special attack stat of holder by 25% but only allows the use of special attacks. --
Extoplasm Volatile Extoplasm Increases holder's critical hit chance for their special attacks. Phlask wild held item, or hidden in sewer.
Bag Goddess Icon Sprite Goddess Icon Involved in awakening Hidden Abilities. --
Bag Golden Statue Sprite Golden Statue Sells for a high price. --
Really bad diamondBag Diamond Sprite Diamond Sells for a high price. Held by wild Carbite (1% chance)
Bag Rainbow Stone Sprite Rainbow Stone Evolves any Pokémon (except level-based and split evolutions) Quest reward, only one in the game
Bag Pokémon Card Sprite Pokémon Card Collectibles, no use specified. Scattered around the region
Jungle Moss Peat Moss Consume to fully restores HP and/or status. Can't be used in battle. Swamps and Jungle (rare)
Bag Gar-N-Tea Sprite Gar-N-Tea Cures all status ailments. Gar-N-Tea motel
Mushy red Rad Red Mushy Mush Jam Restores 25 HP. Store/Commonly held by wild Musbushel
Mushy blue Bloo Blues Mushy Mush Jam Restores 50 HP. Store/Uncommonly held by wild Musbushel
Mushy purple Purpy Purple Mushy Mush Jam Restores 50 HP. Store/Rarely held by wild Musbushel
Mushy mix Mixture Paradise Mushy Mush Jam Fully restores and Pokemons HP and cures status ailments. Take one of each flavor of Mushy Mush jam to an old lady and have her mix them
-- Rost-Cheri Punch Restores 80 HP. --
-- Chestonade Restores 100 HP. --
Bag Aurur Berry Sprite Aurur Berry Gives a little EXP to a Pokémon when used. Forage
Bag Efil Berry Sprite Efil Berry Revives a fainted Pokémon to 1 HP. Forage
Bag Otherworldly Berry Sprite Otherworldy Berry Confuses the Pokémon and raises its attack immensely. --
Local berries Ritnew Berry Heals 5 HP, or 20 to an Ice, Rock, or Fighting-type Pokémon. --
Local berries Gnurps Berry Heals 5 HP, or 20 to a Water, Ground, or Flying-type Pokémon. --
Local berries Remmus Berry Heals 5 HP, or 20 to a Fire, Ground, or Steel-type Pokémon. --
Local berries Muntua Berry Heals 5 HP, or 20 to a Grass, Poison, or Bug-type Pokémon. --
Local berries Luanna Berry Heals 5 HP, or 20 to a Normal-type Pokémon. --
Physill Berry Physill Berry -- --
Bag Forgotten Shard Sprite Forgotten Shard Can be traded for a Moon Stone, Sun Stone or Dusk Stone (but not Tutor moves). --
Capture6x Calamity Dust Increases the length of weather effects caused by the holder. --
Indexqwqwq Tinfoil Cap Reflects light moves back at the opponent, as well as stealing Light Screen. --
Troll tears Troll Tears Afflicts Torment upon all Pokémon on the field. --
Turtledove Turtledove Increases holder's Defense and Special Defense by (25%?). Does (50%?) instead if the ally is also holding a Turtledove. Two far-apart places/NPCs
Pitch Fork Pitchfork/Prong Holder's status moves that would affect an opponent instead affect both opponents in double battles/During double battles, holder's attacks that would target one opponent instead target both opponents and deal half damage to each. Dreamdery Ranch
Special Snowflake Special Snowflake Grants all foes with imprison effect from the holder/Negates the effects of abilities identical to the holder's. Northeast
Retroer Ball Retro Ball -- --
Goodstuff "Good Stuff"/Moonstone Shine Heals a Pokémon by 200 HP, but puts them to sleep (or paralysis?). Legato Crossroads
Lump of coal Coal Sell for a low price. Tremol Mine/Rock Smash random drop
Snow Globe Snow Globe Possibly doubles as a held item. Freezes first foe to land a contact move, but you lose the item. For a sidequest in Quaver Town
Brightbulb Brightbulb Hold item for some Lighthouse sidequest. Dronia Scrapyard
Bag Electromagnet SpriteFile:Oil Can.png Electromagnet / Oil Can Used to move/provoke a Magnitogre blocking a path. Dronia Scrapyard
Blood moon Blood Moon -- --
Message Message in a Bottle Sidequest item. Probably deliver for reward. The beach/ocean/dive, or maybe held by wild Pokémon/traded Pokémon
JaegerPostersdsds Viipii Fan Club Ticket -- --
Muh progress Serpent Urn -- --
Precious Gemstone Mysterious Relic It almost looks like a Pokémon egg, but matches no known species. For Xotec sidequest
Nebulasphere Spheres of Power Held items for Spirit Trio. --
IndexwerqFile:File:Indexsoow.png Golem Cores Held items for Golem Trio. --

Changed Items[]

These items have been confirmed, but older versions of their concepts exist.

Icon Name Effect Precursor to
Corroded Stone Corroded Rock Successful contact moves of the user absorb (X) percent of damage dealt/Increases the length of Acid Rain to 8 turns. Foul Rock
-- Warm Blanket Held item for eggs. Makes the egg holding it hatch faster. Stacks with the abilities that do the same thing. Wooly Sweater
Bag Black Box SpriteDon'tcopythatfloppy Black Box/Corrupted Disc Evolves Vectol. Corrupted Disc