Images of the three common problems

This is a collection of known problems that arise when editing the wiki. Removing them in visual mode will only fix the problem temporarily, to prevent them from occurring again you must edit them in source mode. Visual guides to the errors and how to remove them are present at the bottom of this page. 

Spaces in Tables[]

When adding images to tables excess space may occurr throughout the table, although it is most common in the bottom cells. This is caused by the formatting of the table being broken as images are inserted. To fix it the table must be realigned in source mode. 

Navigation Bar Errors[]

This happens in pokemon navigation bars, when the Pokemon category is shorter than the links leader to the former and previous pokemon in the pokedex. It is caused by rowspan="2"  (not italicized in the text.) To fix it the rowspan="2" must be removed. 

Extraneous Bullets[]

This happens most commonly in the stat lists of pokemon as well as height and weight. It presents as multiple bullets where only one should be present. Deleting the bullets in visual mode will cause all sorts of formatting errors. To remove them, switch to source mode and delete all ***** present except for one. These represent bullets in source mode. Li tags (< l i > minus the space) may also be present, and should be removed as deleting the extraneous bullets in source mode will cause them to stop functioning as show in the final page, and they are not necessary. 

Crashes on startup (Windows has stopped responding)[]

This happens when the DEP blocks rpg maker XP, follow the link below and add the game.exe file so that the DEP won't work on it.

Mine cart glitch[]

When in the coal mines in Tremol Town if you select to ride the cart from the south side of the cart, it glitches pushing you the other way not allowing any movement or menu options.