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Erion Admin

Kruger is one of Team Aurum's three Admins, alongside Amber and Aster. He eventually gains control of Erion as part of Team Aurum's plans.


Kruger was hired by Talah to be one of the three overseers for Team Aurum. Kruger joined Team Aurum because of Talah's promises of immense gold and riches.


Kruger is a businessman who is just as cruel as he is greedy. He is ruthless, calculating and very exploitative, gladly sacrificing others for his own personal gain. Despite earning a lot of money, he still likes to get his hands dirty for it. He looks down upon "weak" people, living by the attitude of: "If you want it, take it. If you aren't strong enough to take it, tough." He mixes business buzzwords into his speech.

During the Game

Kruger is first encountered in the Aurum HQ in Vivace, where he is organizing the transport of the newly restored Erion. After a brief battle, he escapes the HQ with the Golem.

Kruger is next confronted at the Oil Rig, where he is spilling vast amounts of oil into the ocean in order to draw out Yacuma and steal its Core. Kruger will be accompanied by an activated Erion by that point in the game.

Kruger is fought one last time within the Golden City, after Team Aurum breaches it.


Team Aurum HQ


Trainer Pokemon
Erion Admin
Aurum Admin ???
Reward: PokémonDollar???


  • As with Amber and Aster, Kruger's name is a reference to treasure:
    • Kruger is named after the Kruger Millions, a hoard of gold estimated to be worth $500,000,000, rumored to have been hidden in South Africa by Paul Kruger during the Boer War.
  • Coincidentally, Kruger's name ends with -er, which reflects the Golems' names, which begin with Er-.
  • Before he was given a name, Kruger was referred to as "the Erion Admin" during development.

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