Lightning Rod
Flavor text
The pokémon draws in all electric-type moves

Lightning Rod is an Ability. It is the signature ability of Hurricanine.


In battle

Lightningrod forces all single-target Electric-type moves used to strike the Pokémon with the Ability, regardles of wheter they are an enemy or ally to the user. Electric type moves cannot miss the target with Lightningrod, but will not have any effect. When Lightningrod is activated, the Special Attack of the user will raise by one stage. If the User is Ground-type, its type-granted immunity takes precendece over the Ability, so the Special Attack will not raise, unless the user is holding a Ring Target.

Lightningrod cannot redirect Electric-type moves out of range in triple battle.

Lightningrod cannot redirect Hidden Power, Judgment or Natural Gift.

If another Pokémon becomes the center of attention, it will be attacked instead of the Pokémon with Lightningrod.

Pokémon with Lightningrod

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
063MS Hurricanine Water Electric Lightningrod Intimidate Drizzle