Liquid Ooze
Flavor text
Damages attackers using any draining move.

Liquid Ooze is an Ability. Two Pokémon can have this Ability, both of which are Poison-type.


In battle[]

Liquid Ooze causes HP-draining moves to cause injury. If a Pokémon is hit by a HP-draining move, the amount of HP that would be recovered is instead inflicted as damage to the opponent. However, Liquid Ooze does not prevent the damage caused by HP-draining moves.

Pokémon with Liquid Ooze[]

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Squink Squink Poison Poison Liquid Ooze Suction Cups None
Squidrift Squidrift Poison Flying Liquid Ooze Perforate None