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Complete tiles that make up the environments, including things such as grass and rock. 

  • New Ice/Water Tiles
  • Hedge maze
  • Auto tiles
  • Frozen Falls
  • More Desert Plants
  • Mossy rocks
  • Different Mushrooms
  • snow 4 coal
  • swamp plants
  • swamp terrain
  • tree that stretches vertically
  • impact crater
  • Ledges for the coal mine

Animated Tiles

World tiles that cycle animations.

  • Animated Waterfall
  • Starcave
  • Mist
  • Water for the Coal Cave
  • Starry Cave
  • Fixed water autotile
  • bubbling lava/molten metal


These tiles are to create buildings and urban environments.

  • Ancient Temple
  • The Professor's Lab and waterwheel
  • Oil Rig Tiles
  • Center And Mart
  • Ice Fishing Shack
  • dualmart concepts
  • Coal Mine house
  • Megamart
  • Home
  • Beachhouse
  • Shipyard tiles
  • Shipyard guide
  • Barn w/ Quibble weather vane

Props and Assets

Things to be seen in the world such as man made objects.

  • Mining Cart Tiles
  • Mine Entrance and Exits
  • meteors
  • Signs
  • More Karting
  • stairs varient
  • Miner Scaffolding
  • Towels for Andante Bay and any other inhabited beach area. Patterns: the starters, Aquilor, Turkistador, Somberado, Cowatti, Viipii.
  • A beach ball for Andante bay
  • Aguanaut statue
  • Aguanaut doll


Gym Exteriors and interiors. Tilesets are only proposed.

  • Gym Basic Structure
  • Gym Statues
  • Ice Gym
  • Ice Gym Tiles
  • Steel Gym WIP
  • Steel Gym Tiles (WIP)
  • Water Gym
  • Water Gym Tiles (WIP)
  • Glass Tube Water Gym Suggestion (layered)
  • Glocto Lamp
  • Floating Platforms


These tiles are to be used inside of buildings and houses.

  • Secret Base Decorations
  • Foster's Daycare
  • Pokecenter/mart stuff


These tiles are meant to be used on the areas outside and on surrounding buildings. 


These are tiles that don't quite match any of the other categories, but are still important for the game. 

New Tiles!

To be sorted into categories once added to a tileset.

  • tiles for the untiled
  • tavern
  • tree that scales vertically
  • better and more dirt
  • new shadow forest trees
  • better fences
  • saloon bar
  • transition grass-mud water
  • colors WIP
  • cave town tests
  • scrap heap
  • potential teleporter friend
  • shaft
  • Tileset Sewers