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Professor Northington
Northy final
Gender Male
Eye color Light Blue
Hair color Silver
Hometown Andante Bay
Member of Team Aurum
Rank Advisor

Professor Northington is an archeologist and scientist, who is later revealed to be one of the main antagonists of Pokemon Sage.


In his younger years, Northington was colleagues and even friends with Professor Mangrove. One day, during an expedition in the jungles of Urobos, Northington chanced upon some evidence of the fabled City of Gold and the power that resides within it. Presenting his findings and his conclusions to the scientific community, he was however ridiculed for his theories and ostracized by his peers. He fell out with Mangrove, who tried to convince him to remain reasonable about his speculations, and withdrew himself. Over time, Northington grew bitter and resentful towards his associates, especially Mangrove, by whom he feels betrayed.

After years of reclusion in study and investigation, he found that he needed to get some outside help in order to access the City of Gold and prove his theories to be true. He contacted Talah and made a deal with her to let her plunder any riches from the City of Gold if she help him put his theories into practice. He does not tell her about the mythical hidden power inside the City however, which he plans to use to overthrow the villainous team once they have served their purpose and use Quetzar's powers to help humanity.

Whilst he may tell himself that his motives are to bestow the great gifts of legend through the powers of Quetzar unto humanity, subconsciously he still wants to prove himself and restore his broken ego. He acts like an altruist, but is ultimately still motivated by selfish reasons.


Northington is initially sympathetic and polite towards the Player when he meets them. This friendliness quickly sours into disappointment however, when he learns that the Player is working with Mangrove.

Northington is eventually shown to be working with Team Aurum. As he is confronted by the nature of the destruction that is wreaked by them, he tries to convince himself more and more that his final goal will be worth it, despite being increasingly alarmed at the havoc being caused in his name.

By the end of the plot, the realization of the weight of his actions will in some shape or form crash down on him.



Northy battle sprite v2
Northington's Sprite
Northy ow
Northington's Overworld Sprite


Professor Northington's Theme:


  • Northington is often referred to as "Norty" or "Northy" by the development team.
  • Northington lives in Andante Bay.
  • While Northington has a battle sprite, he is not yet confirmed to be fought at any point during the game.

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