The Pokégear is a device in Pokémon Sage that allows the player to receive from or make calls to trainers wanting a rematch. The rematch level and team varies based on the number of badges the player has earned.

List of phone numbers[]

Location Trainer Name Reward Tier
Dacapo Town Home
Mangrove's Lab Mangrove
Route 2 Lass Molly Tier 2
Route 3 Hiker Roberto Tier 4
Rustling Forest Camper Travis Tier 2
Rustling Forest Bug Catcher Olivia Tier 2
Route 4 Rancher Annie Tier 5
Route 5 Survivalist Andrew Tier 1
Abandoned Observatory Blackbelt Carl Tier 3
Route 7 Roughneck Pablo Tier 3
Route 7 PokéKid Matias Tier 1
Route 9 Parasol Lady Claire Tier 4
Route 10 Shutterbug Jacob Tier 5