Prize money is money given to the player by an NPC after the player defeats them in a battle.


The base payout is a value assigned to a trainer class, this often indicates their skills, but is also derived from their assumed personal wealth. The amount of money received from a battle is this base payout number multiplied by the level of the trainer's last Pokémon.

The table below contains current base payout amounts. Some of these numbers are likely to change, specifically those relating to the Grunts and Admins of Team Aurum.

Demo NPC Trainers[]

NPC Class Payout
Youngster PokémonDollar16
Hiker PokémonDollar32
Lass PokémonDollar16
Miner PokémonDollar40
Blackbelt PokémonDollar24
Battle Girl PokémonDollar24
School Kid PokémonDollar8
Backpacker PokémonDollar24
Young Explorers PokémonDollar16
Fisherman PokémonDollar32
Birdwatcher PokémonDollar24
Rancher PokémonDollar16
Bug Catcher PokémonDollar40
Bug Maniac PokémonDollar24
Moth Twins PokémonDollar16
Lumberjack PokémonDollar32
Camper PokémonDollar16
Aroma Lady PokémonDollar32
Gardener PokémonDollar32
Shutterbug PokémonDollar40
Ranger PokémonDollar40
Survivalist PokémonDollar8
Psychic PokémonDollar32
Super Nerd PokémonDollar24
Scientist PokémonDollar48
Pokékid PokémonDollar8
Pokémaniac PokémonDollar48
Worker PokémonDollar40
Picknicker PokémonDollar16
Engineer PokémonDollar48
Officer PokémonDollar40
Welder PokémonDollar40
Hobo PokémonDollar0 (alternate payout)
Rollerblader PokémonDollar32
Jogger PokémonDollar32
Cyclist PokémonDollar32
Gym Leader PokémonDollar120
Douchebag PokémonDollar50

Post-Demo NPC Trainers[]

NPC Class Payout
Fire Breather PokémonDollar32
Striker PokémonDollar40
Ruins Maniac PokémonDollar48
Ace Trainer PokémonDollar60
Roughneck PokémonDollar24
Swimmer PokémonDollar16
Matador PokémonDollar48
Diver PokémonDollar32
Parasol Lady PokémonDollar32
Tuber PokémonDollar4
Pilot & Co-Pilot PokémonDollar32
Ranger PokémonDollar48
Juggler PokémonDollar32
Veteran PokémonDollar80
Beauty PokémonDollar56
Surfer PokémonDollar16
Illusionist PokémonDollar32
Roadie PokémonDollar24
Thunder Hunter PokémonDollar48
Eskimo PokémonDollar24
Gambler PokémonDollar100 (possibly random?)
Gentlemen PokémonDollar200
Socialite PokémonDollar200
Tango Dancers PokémonDollar48
Treasure Hunter PokémonDollar64
Idol PokémonDollar72
Contortionist PokémonDollar32
Heavyweight PokémonDollar48
Breeder PokémonDollar48
Merchant PokémonDollar64
Spiritualist PokémonDollar32
Nurse PokémonDollar50
Burglar PokémonDollar88
Fashion Victim PokémonDollar80
Loungers PokémonDollar32
Sailor PokémonDollar32
Poison Girl PokémonDollar32
"Phony" PokémonDollar24
Dancer PokémonDollar32
Collector PokémonDollar64
Elite Four PokémonDollar120
Champion PokémonDollar200
Grunt PokémonDollar40
Admin PokémonDollar60
Leader PokémonDollar120
Rival PokémonDollar100