Professor Mangrove
Professor Mangrove Sugi 4
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Gray
Hometown Dacapo Town
Trainer class Pokémon Professor

Professor Mangrove is the Pokémon Professor in Sage. He resides in the starting town, Dacapo Town. Along with his assistant Sequoia, he works to study Urobos's Pokémon.


Professor Mangrove is a stubborn, tea-drinking gentleman who is often lost in the beauty of the nature of Pokémon. He came to Urobos to study the diverse fauna shortly after graduating from university, and often dealt with deadly wildlife and other occupational hazards. One of the few foreign scientists in the region, Mangrove soon came to love the folk tales and legends about the local Pokémon, and began trying to sort fact from fiction. What began as a hobby soon turned into a life-long endeavor, and Mangrove is now the undisputed authority on Pokémon in the region. The Professor is still as adventurous as ever, but he simply isn't as young as he used to be.

In his youth Mangrove was good friends with Professor Northington, but this once cordial relationship has grown cold ever since Northington was excised from the scientific community for his more outlandish theories.


Like all Pokémon Professors, Mangrove gives the player and their friendly rival their Starter Pokemon.


Professor Mangrove's Theme:


Nonanimated Mangrove Intro C
Intro Sprite
Mangrove sprite
Mangrove overworlds
Overworld Sprite


  • Like all Professors in the main series, Mangrove is named after a tree, in his case a mangrove.
  • His appearance is also reminiscent of a British big game hunter, who usually take to traveling around Africa and India for exotic adventures, and hunting targets such as lion or rhinoceros.
  • He also resembles Henry Jones Sr., the father of famous fictional professor and treasure hunter, Indiana Jones.
  • The first sketches of his design strongly resembled Charles Darwin.
  • While Mangrove has a battle sprite, he is not yet confirmed to be fought at any point during the game.

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