In the Pokémon fandom, the term signature ability is often used to refer to an ability that can only be learned by a single species or its evolutionary relatives.

Some custom signature abilities in the Sage Pokédex were given intentionally, a list of these abilities can be found on the Custom Ability page.

List of Pokémon and their signature abilities[]

No. Pokémon Ability
013 Capig Capig Overcoat
014 Capabara Capabara Overcoat
015 Cubzero Cubzero Snow Cloak
016 Avalynx Avalynx Snow Cloak
020 Pengliff Pengliff Ice Body
024 Koblin Koblin Quick Feet
025 Koberus Koberus Guts
039 Musburry Musburry Forage
040 Musbushel Musbushel Harvest
041 Berratel Berratel Mooch
044 Tuliep Tuliep Natural Cure
045 Capulilly Capulilly Natural Cure
052 Rocano Rocano Magma Armor
053 Volcaroc Volcaroc Magma Armor
054 Volcoalder Volcoalder Magma Armor
062 Pawter Pawter Damp
063 Hurricanine Hurricanine Drizzle
071 Totter Totter Speed Boost
072 Cascotta Cascotta Speed Boost
073 Lutrajet Lutrajet Speed Boost
074 Alpint Alpint Anger Point
075 Forusk Forusk Anger Point
080 Shibalbat Shibalbat Eventide
082 Psybex Psybex Simple
083 Gnuru Gnuru Simple
084 Flowger Flowger Rain Dish
085 Bullotus Bullotus Rain Dish
088 Craliber Craliber Light Metal
090 Leafish Leafish Rattled
091 Chlorofin Chlorofin Friend Guard
097 Cardinite Cardinite Early Bird
098 Chardinal Chardinal Early Bird
099 Skurrow Skurrow Sand Rush
100 Somberado Somberado Quickdraw
103 Fumighast Fumighast Pollution
106 Squink Squink Liquid Ooze & Suction Cups
107 Squidrift Squidrift Liquid Ooze
109 Chelonite Chelonite Orbital Tide
110 Galaxagos Galaxagos Orbital Tide
112 Minarac Minarac Arena Trap
113 Trenchula Trenchula Arena Trap
117 Pueblant Pueblant Shield Dust
118 Cahokisect Cahokisect Shield Dust
119 Cobrasket Cobrasket Synchronize
120 Charmbra Charmbra Synchronize
121 Cairup Cairup Sand Stream
122 Kairoglyph Kairoglyph Sand Stream
125 Diloweed Diloweed Rough Skin
126 Pangolash Pangolash Iron Barbs
137 Solacari Solacari Drought
139 Loneleaf Loneleaf Frisk
140 Forthorn Forthorn Filter
145 Chegrin Chegrin Shadow Tag
146 Cheshade Cheshade Shadow Tag
147 Doppole Doppole Feisty
148 Artifish Artifish Klutz
149 Thoraxe Thoraxe Heatproof
150 Pomparunt Pomparunt Pickpocket
151 Pompagoon Pompagoon Pickpocket
152 Hyekuza Hyekuza Technician
155 Toxito Toxito Siphon
156 Sanguito Sanguito Siphon
157 Orett Orett Battle Armor
158 Anvelid Anvelid Battle Armor
159 Magroplex Magroplex Battle Armor
174 Lintle Lintle Serene Grace
175 Silkinder Silkinder Serene Grace
175 Paramoth Paramoth Serene Grace
182 Enigmite Enigmite Compound Eyes & Forewarn
183 Enigmantis Enigmantis Compound Eyes & Forewarn
184 Arjibi Arjibi Infiltrator
185 Royjibiv Royjibiv Spectrum
192 Glocto Glocto Illuminate
193 Lavoon Lavoon Illuminate
201 Icetope Icetope Snow Warning
202 Chillnobyl Chillnobyl Snow Warning
205 Luchito Luchito No Guard
206 Eluchadon Eluchadon No Guard
207 Grolem Grolem Overshadow
208 Comossus Comossus Overshadow
214 Diamat Diamat Clear Body
219 Draggar Draggar Unburden
220 Ragnarow Ragnarow Unburden

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