Sticky Hold
Flavor text
Protects the Pokémon from item theft.

Sticky Hold is an Ability. One Pokémon can have this ability.


In battle[]

This Ability prevents the user's held item from being taken by Covet, Thief or Pickpocket; eaten by Bug Bite or Pluck; destroyed by Incinerate; or removed by Knock Off. It also prevents the Pokémon from being affected by other Pokémon's Trick or Switcheroo (even if it has no held item), but not its own.

Sticky Hold does not prevent a Sticky Barb being transferred by its own effect. Sticky Hold can be ignored by Mold Breaker.

If the Pokémon is knocked out by the attack, Sticky Hold does not protect the held item.

Pokémon with Sticky Hold[]

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Bouwee Bouwee Bug Water Swift Swim Sticky Hold None