Trainer Card is the card that displays information about a trainer. It shows basic information such as the trainer's name, the trainer ID number, the player's gender, the amount of money carried, the total gameplay time attained so far, the number of Badges obtained, the number of Pokémon the player has seen or caught in their Pokédex, and the date on which the player began their journey. It can be seen by choosing the player's name in the pause menu.

Trainer Card designs[]

The Trainer Card used by default is an edited version of Gen 4's Trainer Card, colored red for Sofia and blue for Simon. It is currently being used as a placeholder, and will be eventually replaced after more relevant progress (such as badge design) has been made.

It has not yet been decided if there will be any Trainer Card variants available in the game, nor how many or the methods to obtain them. There are currently two variants: male and female. Feel free to discuss all this in the comments section below.

Note that the default Trainer Card also displays Badges. They may be removed from the Trainer Card in favor of a separate Badge Case; if so, it would be useful to have some indicator that the Badge Case is accessible from the Trainer Card.

Please add your Trainer Card designs below, along with any other Trainer Card-related assets.