Trainer Tip Sign Example

An example of a Trainer Tip, this one appears on Route 2.

Trainer Tips are signposts that contain hints of game elements to aid players in their journey. This page will act as a handy way to keep track of every Trainer Tips sign in the game, to help avoid repeats.

It has been suggested that some Trainer Tips in Pokémon Sage cater more toward players familiar with Pokémon games rather than new players. Keep this in mind when writing suggestions.


To keep all Trainer Tips signs in the game consistent, it's important to use the same formatting for each. Use the following layout for each Trainer Tips sign you propose:

Trainer Tips!
When writing a Trainer Tip, start off with "Trainer Tips!" on the first line, then on the next line write the tip. Remember to include the exclamation mark after the word Tips, it's super important for consistency!

List of Trainer Tips[]

This is a list of every Trainer Tips sign currently confirmed to appear in the game.
Route 2

  • Pokémon use PP, or Power Points, to use their moves. When it runs out the Pokémon can no longer use that attack. That's a great time to take them to the Pokémon Center!

Route 3

  • Pokémon will gain less experience when battling a foe of a lower level.

Rustling Forest

  • Some status effects lower a Pokémon's stats. Paralysis slows the affected Pokémon, while Burn reduces its Attack.
  • A Berry plant can be watered up to four times during its life cycle. Keeping the soil moist during each of these cycles is key to maximizing your harvest. Keep an eye on the soil - if it's dry, use a Pawtering Can to dampen it.