Any person who owns and battles with Pokémon is a trainer. Each trainer has a class, which describes their appearance and the kind of Pokémon they use. This page lists those classes.

Some trainer classes have varying appearances, such as male/female or warm weather/cold weather.

List of trainer classes[]

Trainer classes
Ace TrainerAcrobatAroma LadyBackpackerBattle GirlBeautyBikerBirdwatcher
BlackbeltBreederBug CatcherBug ManiacCamperClownCollectorCyclistDiver
Dragon TamerEngineerFishermanGardenerGuitaristGym LeaderHeavyweightHiker
IllusionistKindlerLassLadyLumberjackMerchantMinerMonkOutlawParasol Lady
PicnickerPilot and CopilotPoké ManiacPokéKidPsychicRancherRangerRival
RoughneckRuin ManiacSchoolkidScientistShutterbugStorm ChaserSurfer
SurvivalistSwimmerTamerTeam Aurum GruntTeam Aurum AdminTreasure Hunter

Suggested new trainer classes[]

These trainer classes do not currently exist in Sage or in any Pokémon game. They are listed here for reference only.

  • Tribesman
  • Deadbeat
  • Team Aurum Grunt (Heavy)
  • Builder (warm)
  • Foreman (warm)
  • Wrestler (warm)
  • Rock Climber (cold/warm)
  • Detective (warm)
  • High-Tech Maniac
  • Ninja
  • Hacker
  • Body Builder
  • Fortune Teller
  • Raver
  • Shaman (Late-game Ghost type users)
  • Belly-dancer (desert equivalent of Tango Dancer?)
  • Fencer (Mid-game trainers using Steel types and sword-based Pokemon)
  • Skater (Uses urban and Electric type Pokemon)
  • Scholar (Uni Student) Late game equivalent of school kids
  • Scene Kid (Edgy teenage trainer. Uses Dark types)
  • Hazmat Worker (Uses Poison types)
  • Hippie/Stoner ( Use Psychic and Grass types)
  • Calaca (A Mexican Spanish word for skeleton. Inspired by the costumes worn during the celebrations of the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead. Male Calaca trainers look like Mariachis with their faces painted like skulls. The female version would wear long, antique-looking gowns and big hats. Uses Ghost types)
  • Tag Team - Wrestler x2, constantly switch out their Pokemon.
  • Blockhead (Get it? Uses grass type Pokemon.)